Southerly Garage Doors Installation

It’s important to consider that your new garage door will be suspended above your vehicle, yourself and your family.


It is important that your new garage door installation is carried out by not only an experienced fitter but also by one that takes care and pride in their workmanship.


Rather than the accepted two brackets, we have elected to suspend doors above three meters wide with four manufactured steel brackets – to provide structural integrity and piece of mind.


At Southerly Garage  Doors we take great care with our garage door installation.  It is a fact that a garage door that has been fitted correctly is a door that will endure the test of time and provide you with many years of smooth and efficient service, saving you a lot of money in servicing costs in the long run. You can depend on Southerly Garage Doors to provide a quality installation with you, our customer in mind. Upon the completed installation of your new door we will personally go over every aspect of it with you, such as the operation modes, safety and maintenance.


Southerly Garage Doors pride ourselves on the reputation we have built by providing strong customer focus, value for money, quality products, professional workmanship and a dependable after sales service.  Your new garage door will not only look great but will provide you with years of reliable service.