Southerly Garage Doors Service

Safety in Servicing

It is important to consider that your garage door is a moving object suspended above your vehicle, yourself and your family.

Regular servicing of your garage door helps ensure a safe, smooth and quieter operation of your door.


Southerly Garage Door recommends that your garage door is serviced by an experienced service technician every 2 years or earlier if required.


It is not recommended you attempt to repair your garage door yourself due to potential safety hazards associated with garage doors, particularly as the spring unit is under tension at all times.


Should the door become hard to operate or inoperative, it is safer to give Southerly Garage Doors a call.


Southerly Garage Doors can also offer on occasion same day service.


Convert to Automatic Garage Door

Manual Sectional and roller garage doors in good condition can be converted to automatic. At Southerly Garage Doors we are happy to attend for FREE to inspect your door first to make sure it can be converted.